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Feeding Thespis

So who is Thespis and why are we feeding him? Thespis of Icaria (now Dionysos, Greece) lived in the 6th century BC and is considered the first “actor” apart from the traditional chorus of the time. He also supported himself by setting up a wagon and writing plays on demand.

The Busiest Classical Music Composer In America

The New York Times called composer Jessie Montgomery the “future of classical music”. She was gobsmacked by that, even though orchestras all over the country are clamoring to play her works. The Austin Symphony will perform one of her pieces in November. In addition, she’s on a three year assignment with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra […]

Backstage at the Cliburns with MC Artina McCain

The recently concluded Cliburn International Piano Competition in Fort Worth had many moving parts. To keep things running smoothly and an eager audience informed, they hired classical pianist Dr. Artina McCain. In addition to her busy touring schedule, she’s a Professor of Piano at the University of Memphis. Dr. McCain was the Mistress of Ceremonies. […]

The Gold Standard

Even though composer William Grant Still wrote nearly 200 compositions, many of not most of them have never been recorded. That changed with the new album “William Grant Still” performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra on the Naxos label. Conductor Avlana Eisenberg was encouraged to record this album by her mother – a violinist. […]

Quinn Mason And Lara Downes Creating Separately and Together

Sometimes there’s a meeting of the minds and hearts between classical artists. In this case, Quinn Mason, the young and fast rising composer and conductor and the experienced pianist, and producer and Classical Woman Of The Year, Lara Downes. Mason and Downes have formed sort of a loose partnership.


What are you doing on Monday, May 9th and perhaps thereafter? The newly formed Black Orchestral Network is calling for a Day Of Solidarity in their quest to get more orchestras to hire more Black musicians. Alexander Laing says they will also be looking to make other changes to American orchestras. If you choose to […]

Castle Of Our Skins Celebrates Its First Decade

10 years is a long time but it seems like it was just yesterday for Ashleigh Gordon of Castle of Our Skins. The organization is celebrating its first decade with a fundraiser for the National Negro Opera Company House and other events. There’s also tributes to George Floyd from the Colour Of Music Festival and […]

The Black Fiddlers of Monticello

When we think of Black people in 19th century America, violin music doesn’t often come to mind. David McCormick, the Executive Director of Early Music America researched Monticello’s Black Fiddlers and found a tome of research on them which included the Black male children of our third president, Thomas Jefferson with their enslaved mother Sally […]

Angel Joy Blue vs Blackface

Blackface. A word and an action that draws gasps and anger and in some cases, a shrug. It motivated one international opera singer to back away from performing a cherished role. Her name is Angel Joy Blue. The interview here on this August 2022 edition of Classical Music In Color took place BEFORE her withdrawal […]