Feeding Thespis

This is Drama and Comedy In Its Purest Form. No Sound Effects. Just Pure Play.

So who is Thespis and why are we feeding him? Thespis of Icaria (now Dionysos, Greece) lived in the 6th century BC and is considered the first “actor” apart from the traditional chorus of the time. He also supported himself by setting up a wagon and writing plays on demand. This program, FEEDING THESPIS, pays homage to him and all the other actor/playwrights who came after him. The podcast comes out of a desire to help unknown playwrights get some notice for their good works. We also wanted to help Artistic Directors and Literary Managers wade though the numerous scripts they have to read by giving them a plain audio version of the play. There are no sound effects as in traditional radio drama. This allows them and you to listen to the dialogue while taking on other activities, like riding a bike or listening while commuting. It is also entertainment for those who want to hear a good story.


Submissions for FEEDING THESPIS are accepted from January 1st to March 31st. Send ONLY a synopsis, and character descriptions along with your contact information. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. DO NOT SEND YOUR FIRST DRAFT or the entire play. In the email: contact at secondstreetdreams.com, please put FEEDING THESPIS in the subject line along with the name of the play. We will contact you if we’d like to read your script. Thank you for your interest.