Monetizing Your Career In Music And Your Brand

Why would a business school devoted to developing entrepreneurs invite an opera singer to lead a masterclass?  Babson College in Massachusetts did just that.  

They named Soprano Karen Slack as the school’s Artist In Residence.  She spent 3 days teaching, talking, and singing.

School administrators, like Anjali Bal, say that Slack and other artists like her, offer their students a different perspective on creating a thriving business.

Music Might Be Best With Your Medication

The Eclipse Is Coming and So Are The Concerts

The upcoming Solar Eclipse will darken the sky for a few minutes on April 8th.  Texas orchestras are providing the soundtrack with concerts celebrating the celestial event.  The Waco Symphony is having it’s ‘Sci-Fi Spectacular’  Sun, Moon and Superstars concert.  The East Texas Symphony has collaborated with Tyler Junior College for a musical and visual feast.  Here are other eclipse related music events.   

The End Of The Season: The Beijing Duo & David Russell

Just in time for the solar eclipse, Austin Classical Guitar presents two programs ending its 2023-2024 season.  Your eclipse guests might enjoy classical guitarists the Beijing Duo or if they stay long enough, David Russell.  Perhaps there’s an amateur classical guitarist in your circle who might be brave enough to try Open Mic night at the Rosette. 

Classical Music and Women, By The Numbers

At least six U.S. orchestras are performing the music of Florence Price this Women’s History Month.  Other women composers are getting the spotlight too. 

That’s nice says Liane Curtis, the President of Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy, but it’s not really enough.  The organization has released its Repertoire Report which analyzes the programming of the top 21 U.S. Symphony Orchestras.

Hearts Beating As One

When most of us attend classical music concerts, we’re most likely not thinking about how our fellow patrons are enjoying the music.  Apparently, we’re all affected by the performance at the same rate called Embodied Cognition

That’s according to a study by Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher,  Professor Emeritus at the University of Bern in Switzerland.  He and his team at the Experimental Concert Research Project found that our heart and breathing rates become the same during the concert. 

Composer Anthony Davis is in the Opera Hall Of Fame

How many prestigious music awards can a person win?  Composer Anthony Davis is on track to win most of them. This two-time Grammy nominee is a new member of the Opera Hall of Fame.  He’s already won the Pulitzer Prize for Music with his opera The Central Park Five.  His Met opera debut was with X The Life and Times of Malcolm X. He’s a busy man.  He’s also a professor at UC San Diego.  Give him his laurels and hear about all of his projects currently in the works in this edition of Staccato.

The World’s First Mariachi Opera

The Austin Opera is about to do something they’ve never done before. 

They are presenting the world’s first Mariachi Opera, Cruzar la Cara de la Luna. It will also be the first time they are staging an opera sung in Spanish with help from the new Butler Fund for Spanish Programming.  Some of the cast is from Ópera de Bellas Artes, the national opera company of Mexico.

Back To Work.  Did You Bring Your Ear Gear With You?  

Going back to work this week might seem like somewhat of a letdown after all the fun and frivolity of the holiday season. 

There is a way to make it all better. 

Listen to music at the office. 

A recent study found that workers are happier and more productive when listening to instrumental music while on the job.

However, other researchers have somewhat opposing ideas about listening to music at the office. 

Find out what kind of music puts you in the mood to tackle that big project. And find out if any of this applies to you if you work from home.   

At The intersection of Early Music and Video Games

However you celebrate the holidays, there’s probably nothing like playing with your new toy this time of year.  It might be a video game with a soundtrack of some of the oldest tunes in the worldEarly Music


Dr. Karen Cook, an Early Music Scholar and a Video Game Scholar says while she’s playing some of the latest video games, she’s also listening to the soundtrack for the telltale signs of early music