Staccato is a podcast covering news and events about classical music worldwide. You’ll hear interviews with composers, conductors, writers, and of course the music. It currently airs on KMFA 89.5 in Austin, Texas and on RADIO NEWARK in Delaware.

Classical Music In Color

Classical Music In Color is a podcast featuring African American and others in the BIPOC classical musicians’ community. We feature interviews and the music of composers, singers, conductors, musicians, and representatives from organizations promoting and supporting African Americans in classical music.

Feeding Thespis

Feeding Thespis is an audio version of play readings. The idea of the show is to expose new plays to a wider audience. Feeding Thespis is radio drama in its purest form, produced as if the plays were being read on stage. We also talk to the playwright about their inspiration for the play and what he or she is trying to express.