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Hearts Beating As One

When most of us attend classical music concerts, we’re most likely not thinking about how our fellow patrons are enjoying the music.  Apparently, we’re all affected by the performance at the same rate called Embodied Cognition

That’s according to a study by Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher,  Professor Emeritus at the University of Bern in Switzerland.  He and his team at the Experimental Concert Research Project found that our heart and breathing rates become the same during the concert. 

The World’s First Mariachi Opera

The Austin Opera is about to do something they’ve never done before. 

They are presenting the world’s first Mariachi Opera, Cruzar la Cara de la Luna. It will also be the first time they are staging an opera sung in Spanish with help from the new Butler Fund for Spanish Programming.  Some of the cast is from Ópera de Bellas Artes, the national opera company of Mexico.

The Last Album Of The Emerson String Quartet & Tina Davidson’s Hymn

There are two new very different albums that came out recently that could be on your holiday list.

Composer and author Tina Davidson has released her latest album Hymn of the UniverseIt’s a choral work performed by VocalEssence and based on the writings of Jesuit Priest and Scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

And The Emerson String Quartet has released its final album after 47 years of performing all over the world.  On Infinite Voyage, they perform the music of  Schoenberg, Chausson, Berg and Hindemith sung in part by Soprano Barbara Hannigan

The Emerson String Quartet (1976 to 2023) with Barbara Hannigan.

Inset: Paul Watkins and Tina Davidson

Christopher Nupen.  One of the classical music artists we lost in 2023. 

With TikTok, Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s hard to imagine a time when the only way to see a documentary was on television.  That is the world the late Christoper Nupen lived and worked in.  Starting in the 1960’s Nupen’s company, Allegro Films, started with Double Concerto.  Nupen continued to produce ground breaking documentaries about classical musicians that revealed their off-stage lives and showed how much fun they had making the music they performed.

Matthew Percival, creative director, and partner at Allegro Films is now in charge of Nupen’s legacy with plans to make more films.

Is It Time Already To Apply To Summer Music Schools? 

We’re a little more than a month away from 2024 which means it’s time to make plans for the summer. Specifically summer music programs for young musicians.  Equity Arc has partnered with at least 17 summer music programs to provide applications fees and scholarships for BIPOC musicians via their Common Application for Summer Study

Magee Capsouto, the Associate Director at Equity Arc says they’re trying to provide more diversity in the nation’s orchestral summer programs.  

The Carnegie Hall Connection with Austin Soundwaves

Austin Soundwaves will be able to serve more students in several ways after receiving a grant from Carnegie Hall’s Play USA program. Their mission is to train  student musicians across the greater Austin area and to provide diverse opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds.  Last year they served more than 1,100 students through 23 school partnerships and programs.

Deputy Director Hermes Camacho says they are very excited about the possibilities.

Cliburn Competition Applications for 2025 Are Open

Cliburn Competition Applications Are Open.  Already you say?  Didn’t the Cliburns just crown a winner, Yunchan Lim of South Korea?  Well, yes but that was an entire year ago.  Now they’re looking for the next winner for the Seventeenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2025

Jacques Marquis President and CEO of the Cliburn Competition says it takes a long time to find the pianist ready to embark upon an international career. 

Grammy Award Winning Choral Ensemble, Conspirare,  Begins Its 30th Season

Even the Artistic Director and Founder of Conspirare, Craig Hella Johnson, finds it hard to believe that the choral ensemble is 30 years old. He’s developed a fall season that’s kind of eclectic with a nod to the past and an eye on the future. One choral group is being invited back for the holiday program. It’s Isaac Cates & Ordained who will, says Johnson, bridge the past with the future.

PanelPicker Time At SXSW

It’s PanelPicker time for SXSW 2024.  That’s when the festival calls for applications for those wanting to present a panel discussion.  Last year in what’s believed to be the first time, there was a classical music panel. Artists & out of London is now looking for classical musicians to appear on the planned 2024 panel and the concert after. 

Let Your Heart Be Broken

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring my summer reading list on Staccato.  The first one is about composer Tina Davidson, whose complicated life can be heard in her music.  Her biological Mother adopted her in Sweden back in the 1950’s but never told her.  There are other surprising revelations as well in Davidson’s book Let Your Heart Be Broken.  You can listen to her playlist from the book here