The Re-Discovery of Vicente Lusitano, A 16th Century Afro-Portuguese Composer

Have you ever heard of Vicente Lusitano?  

During his lifetime in the 1500s he lit up the Early Music/Renaissance  world with his music, intelligence, and moxie. Unfortunately this Afro-Portuguese composer’s mixed parentage and the prejudices of the period meant his legacy would not survive. But his music remains.  

In this January 21st edition of Classical Music In Color, two Lusitano experts, Garrett Schumann and Joseph McHardy,  talk about his life and works and revival today, nearly four centuries later. 

Here are links to the events and competitions mentioned in the podcast:

Hampton University in Virginia is honoring Composer Roland M. Carter.

Composer Anthony Davis is inducted into the Opera Hall Of Fame

The New Jersey Symphony is accepting applications for the Edward T. Cone Composition Institute.